SFA explained!

SFA is a sales support system and stands for "Sales Force Automation".

SFA makes it easier to achieve the sales targets set by the sales representatives  https://slimtime.co.jp/  by enabling them to approach highly prospective customers in an appropriate manner.

By helping individual salespeople achieve their sales goals, they can also contribute to the achievement of departmental and corporate goals.

SFA is a system for the "sales department" to support sales.

If your company's "main business is corporate sales," where you conduct sales activities for companies, SFA is important.

Conventional Excel management relies on individual management, which often results in missed opportunities because potential customers cannot be approached properly.

It is also difficult to coordinate information with the customer management department or other departments, which leads to problems and transfer errors.

In addition, as the speed of customer information gathering is increasing due to the spread of the Internet, it is necessary for sales staff to respond appropriately.

The main functions of SFA are as follows

Customer management

Activity management

Daily report management

To-do list/notification function

Data analysis report

Points to keep in mind when introducing SFA

When considering the introduction of SFA, it is essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages and select the appropriate SFA for your company.

Before deciding to implement SFA, it is necessary to identify the issues in the current sales activities and clarify the purpose of implementing SFA.

It is important to review issues such as not being able to effectively approach customers, taking time to share information, and spending time creating meeting materials.

For those issues, it is important to determine "how SFA can help us improve" and to examine the issues with clear priorities.

In addition, sales departments should be especially careful. Since most sales departments are incentivized based on their own performance, they believe that sharing information about highly prospective customers within the company will eliminate their chances of earning incentives.

To prevent such thoughts, it is essential to inform them of the benefits of information sharing in advance.

Points to keep in mind when comparing SFA

Does it meet the necessary system requirements?

Examine the actual situation of the SFA.

Does it have all the necessary functions?

Can your employees use it?

Try a free trial.

These are the most important things to consider when implementing a system.

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